About Us

Mission Statement: The Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation’s goal is to find a cure for paralysis through funding the latest in medical research and to provide assistance to those that suffer from neurological disorders.

Our Story: On April 25, 1998 the life of a Marquette University student, Bryon Riesch, changed forever.  A devastating accident left Bryon paralyzed from the chest down, with limited use of his arms.  In order to assist Bryon and his family through a difficult time, friends and family quickly pulled together to help with a  fundraiser. Those same friends and family have now helped to form the Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation (BRPF) to help others faced with a similar situation.

Established in January of 2001, the BRPF is a 501(c)3 that has utilized the tremendous support and community reaction that was demonstrated after Bryon’s injury. Since then, through donations and fundraisers over $4,000,000 has been raised to go directly towards the fight against paralysis.


BRPF Cares

What We Face: Until recently spinal cord injuries were thought to be incurable. Now the question is no longer is a cure probable, but when is it possible. Scientists and researchers alike have made great strides in the past years. However, for the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from paralysis a cure cannot come soon enough. While costs of taking care of these individuals continue to spiral upwards, research continues to be hard to establish. The current annual cost of injuries are close to $10 billion while the current research investment is less than $100 million from all sources – federal industry, foundations and private donations.

Reasons for Hope: By supporting some of the brightest scientific minds of today advances are happening faster than ever from therapeutic vaccines to axonal regeneration, stem cell transplantation to exercise and treadmill studies.  All of these move the scientific community closer to finding a cure for paralysis. However without funding, even the most promising research will not lead to a cure for paralysis.  Today, the need for donations and contributions are needed more than ever.  Please visit events or ways to help to find out how to participate in the fight against paralysis.