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Raise Awareness for BRPF During Your Next Race!

Are you gearing up to participate in a marathon, triathlon or bicycle race? Have you ever wanted to, but could not come up with the proper motivation? Well, we have just the motivation and cause you need to make your dream become a reality. We invite and encourage you to run, walk, swim or bike on behalf of the Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation. All money you raise will go toward spinal cord injury research, and will promote awareness for spinal cord injuries.

Patti Hall is a courageous example of inspiration. She biked across the country starting in San Diego, California and finishing in St. Augustine, Florida. She for pledges and donations on behalf of the BRPF for this unbelievable effort. In her own words, “If I Ride, They Will Walk!” She raised thousands of dollars and we can not begin to thank her enough. Please take a look at the letter she sent out to her friends and family asking for pledges.

Patti Hall’s Letter to Friends and Family

Whether it is taking on a challenge such as Patti’s or some other activity please consider taking just a little more time and help us find a curefor spinal cord injuries. You’ll be surprised at the amount of people that will support you, and the extra motivation it can provide.

patti_ad_jason_with_mountains_j1-2If you are interested in collecting pledges for the BRPF the next time you decide to take on a challenge please contact us. Never done something like this before? No problem, we will help you determine the best fundraising approach for your event.

Check out our website designed to help make it easy for our BRPF Athletes to inform their friends and family of their effort.

The link is below. It makes it easy to send out e-mails and track the amount of money you have raised.

BRPF Athletes Fundraising Site

If You Run or Ride, They Will Walk!

Patti and her son Jason Hall