At the Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation (BRPF), we believe that a cure for paralysis is truly possible. That is why we award research grants every year to some of the brightest minds and best research facilities in the United States.

A cure will most likely not come from one idea or one source, but result from a collaboration of efforts. Consequently, we provide pilot funding for ideas that otherwise may not be explored. With strong relationships with the Medical College of Wisconsin, we work hard at making sure our funds get to those researchers and ideas most deserving. Help from generous supporters can guarantee that we keep researchers focused on a cure for paralysis.

Also at therun_walk_roll_8_fitted BRPF, we find it very important to help those individuals already suffering from the devastating affects of a spinal cord injury. The financial costs associated with spinal cord injuries are extreme and man
y times as crippling as the injury itself. In an effort to provide some assistance, we have established charitable grants which are awarded quarterly to individuals. These grants help pay for items such as van modifications, wheelchairs and ramps.

Many people suffering from neurological disorders also desire desperately to go back to school.  Consequently, we award scholarships both for the spring and fall semesters to individuals that are either suffering from a neurological disorder or have parents that suffer from a neurological disorder.  We are elated to see people overcome very tough situations to be productive and important members of our society.