Charitable Grants


Trent Swarthout: $5,000 towards wheelchair elevator
Robyn Turtenwald
: $3,700 towards a Wheelchair
Kathryn Curly: $2,132 towards Vehicle Modifications
Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Association: $5,000 towards a Wheelchair Trailer
Riua Akinshegun: $1,024 towards a Wheelchair Replacement Battery
Kathryn Smith: $4,340 towards a Wheelchair


Noah Torok: $3,400 towards a Wheelchair Ramp
William Kornfeind: $1,020 towards a Wheelchair Ramp
Pushkar Sen: $2,100 towards a Wheelchair Ramp
New Berlin Junior Women’s Club: $2,500 towards Adaptive Playground
Kirk Ingram: $3,800 towards Special Bed and Mattress
Kyle Bartolini: $1,273 towards Vehicle Hand Controls
Jonah Bragdon: $7,500 towards Vehicle Modifications
Chuck Scheurman: $6,075 towards Vehicle Turning Seat


Patrick Sullivan: $8,500 towards a Wheelchair Ramp
Silas Tebbitt: $10,000 towards a Wheelchair
Gilbert Cavello: $500 towards Lift Repair
Orlando Covington: $1,280 towards Vehicle Handicap Controls
Todd Camarta: $4,501 towards a Stair Lift
Kendra Muller: $1,500 towards a Lift
Robert Miletta: $6,100 towards Vehicle Modifications
Christina Miarecki: $3,785 towards Vehicle Modifications
Rudolph Masia: $5,858 towards Vehicle Modifications
Eric Teichmeier: $7,495 towards a Wheelchair Platform Lift
Ahley Dall: $3,288 towards a Standing Frame
Harold Dilapiazza: $7,000 towards a Wheelchair Accessible Van
Jason Hall: $6,300 towards a Wheelchair Ramp and Walkway


Isavra Basargin: $7,500 towards Vehicle Modifications
Kyle Hartnell: $7,295 towards a Wheelchair Lift
Scott Allen: $2,995 towards a Wheelchair Stair Lift


Mark Langbauer: $5,150 towards a Stair Lift
Antoinette Jones: $409 towards a Wheelchair Ramp
John Dicosmo: $685.75 towards Repairs for a Stair Lift
Donald Capalite Jr.: $3000 towards a Wheelchair Ramp
Sarah Aken: $5,925 towards a Bathroom Remodel
Chet Gotcha: $6,340 towards a Wheelchair Ramp


Kyle Smith: $4,417 towards a Generator
Baine Trivette: $5,382 towards a Wheelchair Lift
John Ruckleshaus: $2,290 towards a Shower Chair
Ray Kline: $749 towards a Shower Chair
Anthony Guenot: $2,300 towards a Shower Transfer Chair
Sam Russell: $3,170 towards Vehicle Hand Controls


Garrrett Barclay: $7,500 towards Vehicle Modifications
Debra Hackworth: $4,758.47 towards Vehicle Modifications
John Amidon: $6,565 towards Vehicle Modifications
Joyce Bates: $1,183 towards a Wheelchair Ramp
Shane O’Brien: $2,479 towards Vehicle Modifications
JoAnn Parker: $2,264 towards Vehicle Modifications
Scott Moore: $1,942 towards a Voice Activated Door & Automatic Hoyer
Tyler Zelko: $950 towards a Wheelchair Ramp
Benjamin Estrada: $7,500 donated Wheelchair Accessible Van
Joseph Belardinelli: $1,423.95 towards a Shower Chair
Andrew Hippert: $4,290 towards a Lift for a Van


Tyler Zelko: $950 towards a Wheelchair Ramp
Jose Arroyo:  $5,740 towards a Wheelchair Lift
Don Porter: $1,000 towards Vehicle Modifications
Grover Williams: $5,000 towards a Handicap Accessible Van
John Lockett: $895 towards Vehicle Hand Controls


Monica KamalRossa: $1,886 for Shower Chair
Sam Russell: $2,667 for Parallel Bars & Mat Table
Sheena Bunkley: $3,000 towards Van Modifications
Jason Hall: $3,000 towards Van Modifications
Bohn Lake Accessible Trail: $5,500 Accessible Hiking Trail
Janet Schlee: $4,000 towards Van Modifications
Joshua Hanley: $400 Therpy Mats


An Nguyen: $7,000 towards Van Modifications
Karen Dickerson: $7,500 towards Van Modifications
Lourdes Maria Strom: $9,000 towards a Power Wheelchair


Heyer Elementary PTA: $5,000 towards a Handicap Accessible Playground


Larry Theroux: $15,000 towards a Power Wheelchair


Paul Garrett: $4,000 towards Van Modifications
Mario Marriquez Soto: $1,703.84 towards a Power Wheelchair


Kirk Dowding: $5,000 towards a Power Wheelchair
Mary Lichtenwalner: $2,000 towards Van Modifications
Haughty Rowe: $730.75 towards a Ramp to Enter Home


Angela Kuemmel: $8,000 towards Van Modifications